5 Environment Links

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deep sea dive

Deep Sea Dive

Take a deep sea dive with us and see just how low you can go. From marine life to old shipwrecks, we’ll reveal exactly what’s lurking in the depths.

understand energy

Understand Energy

An interactive resource from Southern Electric to help young people understand energy, how it’s produced, how it gets to us and how to use it wisely.

Sort n' Recycle

Sort n' Recycle

Sort the household rubbish into the correct recycling and waste bins. How much can you sort before the timer runs out? Play Sort n' Recycle to find out!

woodland game

Pancake Wood Challenge

The Royal Forestry Society have a new interactive KS1 & KS2 resource.
Step into the wonders of the woodland with the Pancake Wood Challenge, a new teaching resource developed by the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) for primary school teachers and their pupils.


Environment Challenge

The activities are fun missions for a fictional agency called the Environmental Intelligence Unit (EIU.) Based around the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), the goal for the children is to find the missing 4th R (respect.)