10 Literacy Links

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Short Stories for Kids

Free Short Stories

Short Stories for Kids contains many classic and modern original stories for kids and very sortable by age or reading time, all free of charge. Stories have been contributed by authors all over the world and can be read on computer, tablet or smartphone and all of them can be printed or sent to a Kindle device.


The Wooden Horse

An animated and narrated retelling of the classic Greek myth.



A set of resources exploring the correct use of apostrophes.
Explaining both contraction and possession.


Sentence Maker

Place the jigsaw words to make sentences about the toys.

long e

Make A Word

Make words with the long e sound.
Use the pictures to help make the correct word.



Watch letters being formed and listen to the sounds they make.


Who Am I?

Build a description and picture of yourself with narration.



The spelling activities are integrated into 3 games, making learning fun and providing motivation for the children to complete all the activities. Once in the site, the children should be able to work independently through the activities as there are support functions built into the games.


Compound Words

This set of resources provides a range of activities to explain and reinforce the meaning of compound words.


My Shadow

An animated and narrated version of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem.