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We aim to provide a growing list of the best links to useful interactive teaching resources suitable for use on IWB's in class and PC's in school or at home.
Additionally we have built a list of links to valuable free software.

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CBeebies Grown-ups Show your child how exciting and useful numbers and counting can be.
Maths comes into almost every area of our lives - from looking at the number on a house or sorting socks into pairs, to splitting the cost of a meal in a restaurant or working out the best mortgage or mobile phone deal.
We can harness the curiosity children have for the world around them, and show them how exciting and useful numbers and counting can be.

Mathlanding have just launched their new website, a place where you can access and explore some of the best elementary/primary math(s) resources on the web in one convenient place.
"We made it easy to find the 'good stuff', both for the classroom and professional development. A team of math experts reviewed and evaluated each Mathlanding resource and collection to populate the site with thousands of engaging, high-quality lessons, interactives, games, activities, videos and articles."

British Red Cross
Have a whole section of their website dedicated to teaching resources. Of particular interest is project Newsthink providing teachers with activities, videos, photos and discussion about the recent headlines, to quote BRC :
"Looking for imaginative teaching tools that are simple to use? You'll find them here - free resources, ideal for citizenship and PSHE teaching, tutor time and across the curriculum."

Nutrition Topics
"There is so much conflicting advice about nutrition and most people don't know what to believe, or how to change their habits to benefit them personally. Nutritionist Resource seeks to bring together all the latest advice from qualified/registered nutritionists to ensure the public is aware of the positive changes good nutrition can bring, and provide information, advice and support."

Another great site for links and education news and info is I Can Teach

Just launched is Cyber Kidz, an English version of a Dutch school resources site.
"The Cyberkidz Games are developped with concepts of education and entertainment, which we call edutainment: learning by playing.
Perfect for using in the classroom with a smartboard or touchscreen, but Cyberkidz can also be played individual by the children. At school or at home."

THINK! Education is a new government programme created to raise awareness of road safety in England for young people and is targeted towards pupils aged 3 - 11. It includes resources aimed at teachers, parents and children.