21 Foundation Stage Links

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Teach your child to read using sight words

Teach your child to read using sight words

SightWords.com has many free resources including:
Flash cards of more than 500 Dolch and Fry sight words
Detailed instructions on how to teach children new words
10 fun learning games
Generators to make fully customizable Bingo cards, Snakes and Ladders game boards, Old Maid card sets, and more.

Learn The Alphabet

Learn The Alphabet

A new and interesting site that helps with letter recognition by using more unusual words and video images to engage with the children.

Discover Oville

Discover Oville (for free!)

Oville is designed specially for preschool and early school aged children (ages 3-7) and is 100% safe. Aside from almost everything in Oville being interactive and clickable, children can visit the library in the Town Round and get a jumpstart on reading.Currently there is no subscription fee.

Baby sign language

Baby Sign Language

Baby sign language is a great way to help you communicate with your pre-verbal baby. Baby sign language helps babies that are ready to communicate, but can’t quite bridge the gap to full speech.

Mucky Monsters

Mucky Monsters

Which of the two mucky monsters did not wash their hands and has more bugs.

Alien Lining Up

Alien Lining Up

The aliens each say which place they go in the line. Ask pupils to put them in the correct order. An activity to reinforce understanding of order using 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Be Bright, Be Seen

Be Bright, Be Seen

In this game, children decide whether a series of pedestrians walking during the day and at night are wearing the right clothes to make sure that they can be seen by other road users.


The Beep Beep Song

Sing along with Boowa and Kwala.

Beakley The Bird

Beakley The Bird

This online story for kids features audio and is an easy to read book for beginning readers. A great teaching story to help kids overcome fears. Author and illustrator, Sharon Pierce McCullough.

Destructive Digger

Destructive Digger

A simple non-text story. Somebody’s going to get wet! Press the space bar or click the mouse to move the story on. Remember to talk with your child about what is happening. On playing the story again, see if your child can remember what happens next. You have to register but resources are free to use.


How Many?

Count how many Woozies there are and cick the correct number.


Spot the dog

Activities at the park, on the farm and the seaside; send a postcard from the beach. Share interactive books.


Young Animals

Put the four farm animals and their young together.


Music Creator

Use the coloured keyboard to create your own music.

123 Order

123 Order

You will be shown the numbers 1 to 10 and will be given a train car containing barrels on it. For example, the barrels will be labeled "2 3 _ " You'll be asked "What comes next?" and should click on the correct answer on the barrels below.


Sound Monster

Do you know words that sound like what they mean?



Make a sandcastle on the beach and decorate it.


Little Animals

An interactive version of The Wishing Tree by Rachel Dawson, with narration.

Beep Beep

Beep Beep

Interactive Educational preschool game to reinforce number recognition of Numbers 1 to 10.


More Little Animals

Read and listen to an interactive animal rhyme.

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

Don't let the monkeys fly away, pop the balloons and track your score on a graph.


Let’s Exercise

Exercise with Grover from Sesame Street.