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Life is Messy have launched a new campaign called 'Life is Messy'. It involves an interactive piece challenging classes to put away the technology for a little while and to get outside and playing messy! The piece includes 30 activities, supported by extra information and inspiration to make sure you can create the activity.

December 2018

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Historic London

An innovative way to teach history in the modern classroom?
Historic London is a fully interactive piece that, with the use of the Google Street view functionality, enables you to peruse the bustling streets of London in order to see how some of the most famous parts of our Capital would have looked as far back as 100 years ago.
It displays the contrast (or in some cases similarities) between the past and present by overlaying an olden image of how the street would have looked back then, over the top of the current street view imagery.

November 2018

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Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons have created a lot of content in giving parents advice for their children in the early years. There are elements in their Family resources page on parenting tips, activities for children and advice from their early years experts. Including indoor and outdoor activities and how you can make learning fun.

September 2018

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Giving To Help Others

The Giving To Help Others website has some information designed for students aged 5-11 to introduce them to the concept of donation: how we are able to give, literally a part of ourselves, to help save a life.

July 2018

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Links checked and updated

We have checked and updated all of our links pages and have taken the opportunity to add some extra World War One links.

May 2018

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Get Set’s Tokyo

Get Set’s Tokyo RESPECT YOURSELF for 10–11 year olds.
Students will: understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle and evaluate their own habits. Curriculum focus: food technology, PSE, PSHE, PD&MU, health and wellbeing. This resource is part of the Get Set for the Spirit of Sport campaign.

March 2018

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MoneySense is a free financial education programme that aims to help 5-18 year-olds towards a better financial future. It helps teachers deliver core aspects of the curriculum and uses real-life situations and experiences to make learning about money management fun and inspiring. There are dedicated areas on the site for teachers, parents and young people.

January 2018

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Where's the Science in that?

BP Science have a series of videos, two young presenters explore the beach at Lyme Regis, learning about rocks, fossils and evolution. The videos are accompanied by fully-resourced lesson plans, worksheets and activities

December 2017

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Links checked and updated

We've done a bit of spring cleaning and have re-checked and updated all our links, including adding quite a few new ones.

November 2017

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How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone

An informative and extensive guide on the safest ways for parents to help protect their children when using smartphones.

August 2017

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Google -Secure Site

Google has announced that all sites should be secured using an SSL certificate to improve internet security.
We will at some point over the summer be implementing this, there should be no impact other than the web address will become https rather than http.All links will have an automatic redirect.

July 2017

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TES shop for free or paid-for resources and new site improvements

The TES site has grown and evolved because it has responded to the changing requirements of the teaching profession; it is your site and we have always endeavoured to make sure that we are led by what you tell us you need.
All the resources have been moved so old links will not work, however there is a very good search facility to help find them!
You can continue to share resources for free as you always have done, but now there’s the added functionality for you to charge as little as £1. We understand that charging a fee isn't for everyone, which is why you can choose what suits you.

July 2017

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Get Gas Safe

Get Gas Safe have some resources for KS2 pupils - Explore the free interactive house activity, including an overview of the gas infrastructure in the house, a spot the hazard challenge and a gas safety quiz.

May 2017

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Toporopa Geography Resources

Toporopa have added games about the United Kingdom and Ireland and also have quizzes with questions about countries, capitals, counties, flags, monarchies, mountains, bodies of water and other topics. In all quizzes the focus is on the map that brings together geographical, political, historical and economical knowledge.

All games are free and easy to use, without registration. The clear, fullscreen design makes them very useful for interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

April 2017

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Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24th March 2017

Thousands of schools across the country will be getting involved and making their laugh matter.
Comic Relief have designed lots of learning resources and fundraising activities for teachers in nursery and primary schools. We have created films, assemblies, learning resources, tutor time activities and an interactive story to make Red Nose Day come to life in the classroom.

January 2017

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Spotacular - Children In Need

From spotty fancy dress and spotty cakes to sponsored spot challenges... This year BBC Children in Need and Lloyds Bank will be bringing the Big Spotacular to schools across the UK!

Register for a free Spotacular Fundraising Kit, containing lots of goodies including posters and stickers, to get them motivated to take part.

August 2016

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Barefoot Programme

The Barefoot Programme "supports primary school teachers in delivering the computing curriculum. It empowers teachers with the confidence, knowledge, skills and resources to teach computer science and help young people become ‘computational thinkers’, enriching their career options and life choices."
Free registration gives you access to a wide range of resources to use in class along with other supporting materials.

April 2016

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Sport Relief

Sport Relief is just around the corner (18th - 20th March).
They have designed lots of learning resources and fundraising activities for teachers in primary and secondary schools : assemblies, learning resources, tutor time activities and an interactive story to make Sport Relief come to life in the classroom.
Why not have a look at all their curriculum-linked activities?

February 2016

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Champions of Change

BBC Children in Need and Lloyds Bank have joined forces to create Champions of Change, a unique education initiative tailored for early years, primary and secondary schools, allowing young people to take the lead in fundraising - it's strictly by children, for children! This is a great opportunity to engage and empower our young people at the same time as making a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children across the UK.

Champions of Change will enable young people to plan and run their own fundraising activities – developing their literacy, numeracy, communication and teamwork skills in a motivating, real-life context.Register here for your high-quality resources - available from September, including; fundraising planning tools, lesson plans, videos and activity ideas.

June 2015