Can we use your resources on our VLE?

We do not allow our resources to be downloaded and embedded within Virtual Learning Environments or other similar technologies.

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

To play our Flash based activities on your iPad, we suggest the Puffin Browser App. The warnings in your app store about this product having an age requirement are simply due to the fact that the browser can visit ANY website on the Internet (just like any other browser.) It will be up to parents and teachers to monitor their children's use.

You can try Puffin for free (and be able to play Flash games) for two weeks. After that, the app will cost $2.99 (£2.00) for permanent Flash capabilities. Currently, you can extend your trial period by recommending friends!

For an educational volume discount, go to the Apple Education website for more details.

Why have you changed the way the resources open?

There were several reasons for the change to the 'Modal Window' method, ease of maintenance, quicker loading times and primarily because unfortunately we found that a significant number of other sites were attempting to embed our resources into their pages, often passing them of as their own.

Can I link to your site?

We are very happy for non commercial educational organisations to link to our site.
Please, wherever possible, could you link to the Key Stage/Subject page rather than attempting to link to individual resources.
This means that any new resources will also be available for your visitors to use!
Using I-frames and other similar methods is not allowed.

Can I download and save the resources?

Apart from the Promethean flipcharts & some lesson outlines, No, the resources are only available via the web site, most can only be used when embedded in a web page.

What are the most popular resources?

Each month we look through our visitor statistics and update our top ten.
To see what’s hot view the Crickweb Top 10

What are Key Stages?

There are three education stages in the U.K. covering the following ages;

What did you use to make the resources?

Most are written with Adobe Flash (the most popular commercial format)
and therefore can be used on any brand of interactive white board.

Why did you move the resources from the Crick Primary School web site?

Due to heavy bandwidth demands, we moved the resources formerly hosted at
Crick Primary School, to this new site.
This will enable us to further extend our range of free educational resources.
We still support the school site and are actively involved with both the school and local community.

Who are V2V Training?

V2V Training Ltd is the business run by Dan, who created most of the resources on the web site.
Crickweb is a way for V2V to showcase some of their skills whilst giving something back to the education community.

Why is there advertising?

As you can imagine the cost in time and money of running the web site and developing new resources is quite considerable. We decided that advertising was the only way to ensure sustainable, continuing development.

Problems with Internet Explorer 7/8

If you are having trouble getting the resources to open and are using Internet Explorer 7 please look at this page for help.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes we aim to comply with all legislation. Please go to the Privacy Policy page to check.

How do I know what’s new?

We have a News page on which I post new resources and updates.
Also we have an RSS Feed which you can subscribe to.

How much time does the web site take up?

Week to week not too much! There are times that many hours are spent updating the resources etc. The original design/implementation took a couple of weeks, but overall the site and resources have taken 1000’s of hours.

How many visits does the site get?

Currently around 600,000 per month. The record for one day is 39,000.

Did you have any help?

Not really, Dan writes most of the resources and I (David) develop and update the site. Some code comes from the Open Source Community (Many thanks!) :