26 Numeracy Links

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Math Pop

Math Pop

A fun visual addition game. Players will have to pop the balloons to add up the numbers. The goal is to reach the star number without going over it.

Boost your math teaching

Boost your math teaching

Explore Matific, a library of hundreds of award winning interactive activities. Teach each mathematical skill through a range of playful interactions called “appisodes”. Discover the pedagogy that earned Matific multiple awards and the endorsement of math teachers around the globe.

Mathster Free Worksheets

Mathster Free Worksheets

Dozens of free maths worksheets for KS1 & KS2 along with their range of premium paid for services.

Math Worksheets Land

Math Worksheets Land

Over 9,700 PDF files of Math Worksheets For All Ages, from Preschool to High School always 100% free.

Demonstrate Partitioning

Demonstrate Partitioning

Add two or three 2-digit numbers by adding the tens digit and the units digit separately. Break the numbers up and add them together again.

Maths For Kids

Maths For Kids

Primary school children can choose between ten levels and various kinds of mathematics exercises.

Mothmatic Math Games

Mothmatic Math Games

A growing range of engaing free to use animated maths games with different levels of difficulty.

mathematical puzzles

Time Monsters

A great interactive time resources that doesn’t require reading skills, also there are quick access menus for teachers with a series of automated DIY time teaching worksheets.

mathematical puzzles

Mathematical Puzzles

Available in two versions which can either be solved online or in part downloaded as a PDF file. Altogether 378,028 math puzzles are available free of charge.

wall divide

The Wall - Divide

Click on the bricks with the correct answer to destroy the wall and move up a level.



Watch numbers being formed and listen to the sounds they make.



A simple and easy to use counter.

wall subtract

The Wall - Subtract

Click on the bricks with the correct answer to destroy the wall and move up a level.


Number Line

A set of sophisticated number lines.

wall multiply

The Wall - Multiply

Click on the bricks with the correct answer to destroy the wall and move up a level.


Calamity's Quest

Help Captain Calamity free Princess Amber from the Evil Ruler's castle by answering a variety of maths questions.


Number Bonds

Use your knowledge of number bonds to free the whale.

wall addition

The Wall - Addition

Click on the bricks with the correct answer to destroy the wall and move up a level.


More Recognising Numbers

Recognise numbers by posting the letter though the correct door.


Mental Maths

Based on the popular Bargain Hunt TV show.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money

A fun, quick, plenary-type game to encourage mental agility in handling of quantities of money. Notes and coins can be changed in the machine to be shared to the children.


Missing Numbers

15 missing number questions with the reward of flinging the Teacher with the ancient siege machine!


Shape Quiz

Just read the clues and click the shape you think is the answer. A smiley face means "well done you did it." A sad face means "not to worry have another try".


Doubles Over 10

Drag and drop the number double to it’s correct position.



Match the numbered butterfly to the flower number sequence.

Calculators for Kids

Calculators for Kids

Figuring out fun things like a how old your cat is in human years or how many calories you just burned is possible using this list of free calculators.